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As per my last update, I was mulling about entering the Wildfit program or follow the bulletproof coffee path as my choice for weight lost diet. I have decided to give Wildfit a try instead of bulletproof coffee. I will not reveal the ins and outs of the program, mainly talking generally about the program and personal feeling towards it.  So it remains spoiler free, the program is design this way and for those who wish to join in, you will get my update spoiler free.

The program is design to adhere strictly to the rules, and it much more beneficial if you do not know what is expect of you. Plus, in my opinion, is much more fun to guess what coming next as the program moves along.

So I am now in Week 8, I started the program since September 19th, and over 2 months has pass. So how is the program? Let start by introducing the concept of this program and the person who created it.

Eric Edmeades is a serial entrepreneur, coach, mentor and also an awesome public speaker. He always had some health issue and thought it was normal, because he had it since he was young. When his sinus issue had gotten so bad that the doctor recommended him to remove his tonsil, a friend of his suggested he change his dietary for couple months prior to his surgery. When he changed his diet, his health improves and his sinus issue is completely healed and no longer require surgery. Once he saw the tremendous changes, he decided to study why just a couple of tweak to his diet causes such a miraculous change in his physiology. So he decided to study anthropology and better understand the human diet.

As the program name implies “Wildfit”, this diet is similar to Paleo Diet. This diet program shares a lot of similarity with Paleo Diet yet it is different enough to not to put it in the same bin. The principle is the same, the way Eric goes about it is different.  It truly mimic and condition the body to experience all four season in a year in the 90-day program. As his theory stated if elephant has elephant diet, then he surmises human too must have human diet. He set out his quest to see what is the human diet before man invented the agricultural system to sustain himself.

So I join this program with the Mindvalley offer and not directly through Eric own program, so this time round this course is special because Mindvalley is a company renown for it spiritual or liberating courses, and the founder Vishen Lakhiani is also joining in the program the second time. This diet program is design around a tribe, where everyone is supporting each other and sharing tips and trick on how best to overcome each obstacle.

Past student is also present, and they act as a source for inspiration and offer advice and guidance when some member feel stuck in the program. This is a great system, as Eric team is small, and sometimes cannot reply or answer some of the question.

So what are my result so far? I join this program to lose weight, and so far I have not lost any. This is not the program fault, as I couldn’t adhere to the program dieting rules. I must confess, staying in an Asia country is a huge disadvantage, and if you travel frequently, this program difficulty setting is GOD mode. Any positive result? Although I have not lost any weight, by following the rules for about 40 days, my skin complexion has improved and my bowel had a huge improvement. Overall, I feel much better and look much younger, even my eye bags have lessened considerably and getting quality sleep.

At this juncture, I still hope to lose weight, and would right now get back into the program and hard as it may, adhere to the strict diet regulation. Yes, it is strict and no exception, which makes this diet program hard, extremely hard to adhere, especially those who live in Asia.

Right now this is as much as I can give, and over the coming weeks I will gives another update on how is the program progressing along.

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