Haters begone! You are the eye in the storm!

Haters Begone! You Are The Eye In The Storm!“Come on, just this once”

“You can start tomorrow, for today just enjoy yourself, you deserve it”

“You don’t know what you are talking about, building muscle will make me look big, I just stick with cardio instead”

If you starting this journey, and you hear this type of comment, mark my words these are negative people or worse haters.

These are some of the most common response I usually get when discussing about health related topic or discussing about my weight lose plan. For this round, I am just going to keep doing my thing without announcing to the world. I will only share my plan with those I am 100% is supportive of my action and plan, and will encourage me instead of talking me out of it.

There is enough temptation in the world, and I do not need haters to tempt me to the dark side. Not all my friends like to see changes and be supportive, some even relish to tempt you, and when they succeed, they just enjoyed being the devil. I don’t think so they are doing out of spite, just I think they are being uncomfortable people changing.

I am going to make this stick, in order to make it stick, I need to push my odds of succeed even higher, even if it just 0.001% to my favour, I still take all the helps I can get. I believe that the more odds stack in my favour, the better.

The best way to deal with haters is not to engage at all with them. Mind your own business, because in the end, everybody has to be responsible of their fate in life. Once my boss mention to me, your haters are not going to be responsible taking care of your life, your family and your health, so why bother letting them get to you?

There was a parable I listen once, a man was very angry at Buddha, and he came up to Buddha and started shouting at him who he thinks he has the right to teach people about enlightenment? Buddha simply ask the man a simple question, “My friend if someone give you a gift and you did not accept it, to whom the gift belong to?” The man replied “Of course to the person who present it.” Buddha replied” Just as you answered, if I do not get offended and angry about your comment, to whom the anger is direct towards?” The man immediately saw the error of his ways and ask Buddha to teach him his wisdom.  You just have to treat haters and negative people the same, if you do not accept their negative vibe, then the vibe will stay with them.

When I saw how powerful this thought, it makes it much easier to resist the temptation they present, be it a friend and or a hater. I am the only one who is control of my destiny, if I do not let them get to me, then it won’t affect me.

That is why this time around I am not going to announce to everyone what I am doing, only to those who support me. That way, I can avoid most of the haters and negative people, and tips the odds to my favour. This website is for me to be accountable, so if there is negative comment trying to bring me down, I will not be affect by this by ignoring them.

For people who have some toxic friends, you might not easily get rid of them, but what they don’t know, they can’t ruin it for you can it. By the time they saw the changes you made, it already too late and you have made so much progress that whatever they told you won’t matter. So keep pushing on and move steadily towards your goal, as for me, I will be doing the same.

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Haters Begone! You Are The Eye In The Storm!

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