To Be A Jedi Master You Must Learn How To Meditate

To Be A Jedi Master You Must Learn How To MeditateThis practice has been taught over 2000 years ago, and only recently scientist has confirmed the beneficial effects meditation has over our mind and body. Whenever I spoke about meditation to a complete outsider, the response is always the same, I cannot keep still or I can’t think of nothing.  Truth is no one can, even the master agrees when they meditate they cannot completely shut out all thoughts. There is a lot misconception about meditation, before I lay out the how to, let me gives you a few facts about meditation and share the various form of meditation.


Myth Vs Facts

Myth 1: To meditate is to clear your mind, and think about nothing

This is the most common excuse or misconception that most people have towards meditation. Despite having many Master having said they too also cannot achieve this impossible feat, but many people still think that what meditation is.

Sure some Master can temporarily achieve this state of “nothingness”, but truth of the matter is, is just temporarily. Most meditation practitioner is trying to achieve the state of “nothingness”, when they do, most just maintain the state for a few minutes at best.

Myth 2: I cannot be still / be Calm /

There are many type of meditation, and their even a few which are moving meditation like Walking Meditation, Tai Chi, and Yoga. The most important mind set for a beginner practitioner is that, you cannot expect to meditate like a pro when you first start out. You need to train for it, just like everything else in life. Most people underestimate the power of chatter brain and most people never train their mind to focus. Here a tip: Start small, even a 3 min practice is better than nothing. I get more into this later

Myth 3: I have no time

In today world of connectedness, where our boss can easily communicate to us through email, whatapp to do last minute work, where is our time for ourselves actually? From the moment you wake up, all your time and effort are for everyone else except yours. You wake up, you prepare meal for your loves ones, then you go to work for your boss for 8 hours, then you come home, have some quality time with your loves ones and you go to bed. Throughout all that time, did you leave a little Me time to rest and rejuvenate? Just like our body need rest, so do our mind. Each day set aside maybe 5 minutes to 15 minutes to rest your mind, to be in the moment. When you come out from your practice, you are more well equipped to deal with whatever coming your way.


Myth 4: It will never work for me

Many people quit their meditation practice early in their process because they have a couple of bad session. Many people fail to realise, like any form of exercise (yes meditation is a form of mental exercise), you are going to have some bad days. Every athlete will have some down time, everyone will have some bad days, so why not while doing your meditation practice. Through persistence, meditation can help to cultivate patience, concentration and focus through the bad days. This in turn will help increase your resilience against bad days as well. You just have to stick it in there.


Myth 5: No visible benefit for Meditation

We live in a world where we want something, we can get it instantly. Instant gratification. You want to listen to a particular music, go to the internet and you got it, you want to know an answer to certain question, google it and you have more answer than you care to know of. We have not learn to slow down time for ourselves. Meditation can felt most effective is when we learn to slow down, and be in the moment. Meditation can train us to be in the moment, to delay that instant gratification, to be here in the now. Time passes by so fast these days, most people don’t even taste the food in their mouth, the beauty in the present moment, even sex is just as rush. The benefit of meditation can be felt when we learn to be in the moment, the relaxation and peace and clarity you felt is just some of the benefit you experience.


Why meditate? What Is the benefit of Meditation?

Meditation that is back by scientific research shows that meditation helps:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Asthma
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cancers
  • Depression
  • Heart Disease
  • Pain
  • Sleep Issues
  • Stress
  • Self Confidence
  • And even Weight Loss and more


These are on the physical level, on the mental level meditation can help to:

  • Build Self Confidence
  • Increase Creativity
  • Easier To Remove Bad Habits
  • Develop Will Power
  • Decrease in Potential Mental Illness
  • Increase Listening Skills and Empathy
  • Greater Tolerance
  • Grows A More Stable Personality and Emotion
  • Develops Emotional Maturity and many more

Now I hope that you see that this practice can help your life to level up and expand your horizon on what possible, especially towards your overall outlook in life.

Here a beginner guide to meditate:

  1. Find a spot, preferably it quiet, if you are just starting out. Find a comfortable chair to sit, feet and hand apart and relax.
  2. Once you are settle in, set a time for your session. If you are starting out, I suggest 3 to 5min. It is like a muscle, start small and grow. Once you accustomed to it, you can set for 7 to 15min or half an hour.
  3. Close your eye and focus all your attention to your breathing. Just breath in and breath out, focus the air entering your nostril, into your lungs, hold it just for a sec at the top of your breath, and then gently letting it go through your mouth.
  4. Keep doing the breathing exercise until your time is done.

Simple isn’t it? A few tips when you are just starting out:

  • Be gentle with yourself, if you find your mind wandering instead of focusing on your breath, don’t be too quick to judge yourself that you are a failure, instead just bring your focus on your breath again.
  • Meditation doesn’t mean to sit like a statue and not move, especially when you are starting out, if there an itch you just got to scratch, scratch it. You can learn to notice it in the intermediate stage. Just make yourself as comfortable as you can during the session.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes, if your at home and want to be naked, do that. As long as you’re feeling relax and comfortable.
  • There are days that you do not want to sit and meditate, these days will help you grow your practice even further. You have good days and you have bad days, the difference that separates the master and novice is that they do it regardless of how the feel
  • Learn to enjoy the stillness and the company of yourself. The biggest part of meditation is to learn to be with yourself as you are, no judgement, no self-loath, just you in this space. There is no past and future, only the present. Nothing else matter until the time is over.
  • Preferably meditate same time each day, so your body and mind can get used to it.

If you need assistance in your meditation session, there is ZEN12. ZEN12 is audio tracks that helps you getting into a meditative state much better. It’s using “brainwave entrainment” in their audio tracks to bring your mind to alpha state, where you can meditate easily.

The programs offer you 12 different tracks, so your meditation session can never be boring. Check out ZEN12 if you need assistance for your meditation session.

It is also fine if you are not using any audio tracks to help you, many master of today certainly did not use such technology, it is there for people who wants to speed up the process.

I issue a challenge, do a 5 min meditation practice for the next 2 weeks and see for yourself how much it has change your life for the better.

To Be A Jedi Master You Must Learn How To Meditate

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