My Journey, My Epic Quest Begin

My Journey, My Epic Quest BeginHello everyone. My name is William Yeoh. Welcome to Biohacking for Nerds. The purpose of this blog is to share how to better hack your body through my experience, and also keep me accountable. I am 31 years old, overweight ( ok overweight is a kind word, truth is I AM OBESE – I weigh 105kg).

Over the past week, I just came back from a business trip. During my trip, my manager kept mentioning how fat I am and my clients also complained to my manager about how fat I am. The client complained “How can a fat guy talk about health and promote a health product?”

It hurt. It fucking hurt. My skills, my talents were not in question, my weight was. Just because I am fat, I cannot do my job? I was already eating better, starting to exercise, but still I can’t deny it, I am FAT. So why does a fat guy like me start a blog about Biohacking? To top it off I do not have any background in any of the relevant fields. I am not a nutritionist or a personal trainer. I am just a regular guy. I realized because I am FAT, I am in the position to share my experiments about my biohacking experience. So where am I getting all this knowledge from? Well, all my info comes from the current gurus of Biohacking, people such as Tim Ferris author of The Four Hour Work Week, Dave Asprey creator of Bulletproof Coffee, Mark Hymans author Eat Fat, Get Thin and many more.

I am sick of being fat, being tired all the time, and more importantly, being ashamed of my body. I can’t go to a beach exposing my body because every time I do my friends all laugh at my expense. Every time we have a meal, they always say don’t worry about ordering, if we can’t finish just hand me the plate and I will gobble them up. For me, it is enough. I will make the changes, and since I am embarking on this new journey, I will share what I learned, my mistakes (so you don’t need to go through them), and courses and equipment I am using.

To start it off, let discuss “Diet”. Currently there are a whole slew of diets out there, like the Atkins diet, keto diet, paleo diet and much more than I could ever have imagined. As I began my research, common patterns started to appear and among all the gurus, they all have one thing in common: Sugar is BAD. I have been drastically reducing sugar in my life, starting with coffee. I am currently drinking Americano. No milk, no Sugar. I increased my water intake as well, stopped drinking soda drinks, and banned anything that contains sugar. Shockingly, this includes juices. Freshly squeezed fruits juices is among the list. Shocking isn’t it? I can imagine some of you will argue the point, so please just Google it, and the answer might surprise even you. If you are lazy you can go to the bottom of this post to check out the information that I found. So over the coming few months, while I experiment with diets, I will start sharing my insight. Currently I am torn between bulletproof diet by Dave Asprey and Wildfit by Eric Edmeades. I might do a cross between them while I am starting out.

After starting to research the optimal diet for me, I came to realize that my knowledge in this area is wrong on so many levels. So over the coming weeks I will start to share my research on this topic. You might be surprised about most of them like I was.

Next is the exercise myth. The common belief is that at minimum you are required to work out three to five times a week, each session about an hour long. Currently there is research that shows you do not need to work out that long. Your workout session can be as little as eight minutes to achieve the same results. When I first learned about this, my mind = blown. I love sports but hate exercise. In sports, there is playfulness, in exercise, it is the boring treadmill run mindlessly or the weights, and I can see why many people would not want to do such boring exercise over a long period. Most people do not have one hour or two for mindless exercise, but they do have a minimum eight minutes. What is this revolutionary exercise? One of them is called Tabata Exercise, created by Dr Izumi Tabata. It a series of calisthenic (bodyweights) exercises that you perform 20sec all out, rest 10sec, with a total of 8 rounds. Total time: 4minutes. Plus, with simple stretches and cool down exercise, you could be done in 8 minutes. This is one that blew my mind, but for a beginner such as myself, this exercise Is brutal, so for those who are unfit, take it easy. I injured myself the first time I tried it. A tip for beginners: Go for four rounds, take it easy, and improve gradually. This is a journey not a sprint, so take it easy. Over the coming months, I will also share other forms of exercise that have the same effects as tabata exercise.

My strategy this time round will be to not make too many changes too fast. Currently, I am just more mindful about my sugar intake and also try to exercise as often as I can. Here are some of my before pictures:


sept-front sept-left sept-right











My biggest motivation to begin this journey has because of two person:

Vishen Lakhiani founder and CEO of Mindvalley. His latest course become limitless has shown me that I could be more than what I currently am. His course Become Limitless, as the name implies show you how to truly become limitless. Have you seen the movie limitless? It about a man with the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access 100 percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard, but it also puts him in a new world with lots of dangers. This course is just like that minus the pill, not so sure about the danger. This course will question your view on reality, will you take the red pill or the blue pill? Choose wisely.

Steve Kamb author of Level Up Your Life : How To Unlock Adventure And Happiness By Becoming The Hero Of Your Own Story, his book resonates with me so much, because coming from a gamer perspective, he truly understood how as a gamer, nerd feels and think, and he change my love of game to level up my “real” life. In his book, there is plenty of strategy on how to live like James Bond for a day or how to become Jason Bourne or be a real life Indiana Jones. You don’t have to live out your fantasy in games or movie, you can do it in real life. I strongly recommend it.


My Journey, My Epic Quest Begin

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