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Sugary foods are tasty, satisfying and makes for irresistible treats.

But, unfortunately sugar is a sweet devil!

It contains whole bunch of calories with no essential nutrients. That’s why sugar is called “empty” calories. Sugar contains no protein, vitamins, essential fats or minerals. It is just pure energy.

We hear all the time that sugar isn’t exactly healthy.  In fact it can be one of the worst things you can eat? It can jeopardize your effort to live a long and healthy life.


According to a study by UC San Francisco, sugary drink such as soda can age your body on a cellular level as quickly as cigarettes. The damage caused by sugar to your body is way more than just weight gain.

Eating too much of sugar has devastating effect on your body. What’s terrifying about it is that it’s just so abundant in our everyday diet.

Effects of consuming too much of sugar on your body:

  • Increase in uric acid level – Consuming too much of sugar increases your risk for heart and kidney disease. The connection between fructose, metabolic syndrome and uric acid can be understood from the fact that increased uric acid levels are used as one of the markers for fructose toxicity.
  • Metabolic dysfunction – Too much of sugar consumption causes barrage of symptoms called as metabolic syndrome. These symptoms include weight gain, high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, decreased HDL (bad) cholesterol level, increased LDL (good) cholesterol and abdominal obesity.
  • Affects insulin and leptin signaling – High sugar consumption disrupts your metabolism functioning. It turns off your body’s appetite control system. Reduces your body’s insulin sensitivity, fails to suppress ghrelin (hunger hormone), fails to stimulate leptin (satiety hormone), causes you to eat more and develop resistance towards insulin.
  • Damages you liver – Effects of too much of sugar on your body is akin to effects of alcohol. All the sugar you consume is processed in the liver because that’s from where it gets transported throughout your body. Too much of sugar consumption heavily taxes your liver and overloads the organ, causing serious damages.

Sugar in its natural form is not inherently bad if consumed in moderation. It is the refined sugar such as table sugar and fructose syrup that we find in processed foods and beverages which is bad.

You should also limit your consumption of refined carbohydrates and grains. That’s because carbs actually break down to sugar in your body and causes insulin spike and causes insulin resistance. This chronically elevates blood sugar and if not checked can lead to type2 diabetes.

Too much of sugar consumption is incredibly harmful to your body. If you what to live a healthy life by controlling the amount of sugar you consume, you should start by reading nutrition labels of every packaged or ready-to-eat food you buy. Choose to eat whole fruits or smoothies instead of fruit juice or sweet drinks. Consume foods that contains low amount of sugar. Include fiber rich foods such as fruits and vegetables in your diet. Try to stay away from processed food as much as possible.

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